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Tumblar Products has an embedded culture of supportive and flexible management, all committed to the wellbeing of staff and growth of the company 

Why Tumblar

  • We believe that a supportive environment, where there is space made for employee development and personal progression, plays an important part in what makes us unique
  • We think of ourselves as being easy going, friendly and respectful. Our team, and everyone are supported to be adaptable, energetic and enthusiastic in all that they do, everyone has the opportunity to contribute and to be heard

Training and careers

Contract manufacturing offers a range of opportunities that many may not expect. Wherever you start with us you will have the chance to plot a course for your future.

Those joining into operational teams are given hands-on extensive training with experienced and senior staff. You do not require experience in production or manufacturing to get a foot in the door with us.

 Jess gIBSON – Manufacturing Operator

Jess has been working at Tumblar for over 9 years, starting as a Manufacturing Operator and progressing to a Team Leader role. She really likes that Tumblar is very innovative and tries new things.

Our Values

Tumblar Company values have been developed and designed by our Tumblar crew themselves, and hold a special meaning amongst the team.

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, teams and stakeholders by honouring our commitments, delivering results and constantly pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Be Excellent

We are about results, we innovate to thrive, challenge with passion


We can experience joy while we achieve


We take responsibility for our actions and are accountable for the outcomes


We love who we are, we respect others and we are one team


We want to be the safest factory in the world


We want to have a positive impact on people and our planet.


For many years, Tumblar has offered a wide range of employment opportunities across Production, Logistics, Engineering, and specialist technical support.

Opportunities are available for those who bring with them relevant experience as well as those just starting on their career journey.

Wherever possible Tumblar seeks to support staff in their personal and professional goals, it is important to us that anyone who has an ambition to grow in their role is given the opportunity to do so.

JOSHUA MICHAEL – Summner internship programe

Our summer intern, Joshua, chose to work at Tumblar because of our innovative approach and company values. 

Joshua was our 2019 Summer Intern and studied at the University the Canterbury, New Zealand

Meet Norma

Machine Operator Norma says that Tumblar has a very supportive culture.

Meet Robert

Robert used to run Tumblar’s lab, and loves our friendly culture and welcoming environment.  Robert has since been promoted to Technical & Quality Specialist.

Our business is founded on the deeply held value of Zero Harm.

As it applies to safety, we remain focused on ensuring that all of our people return home safely to their families at the end of their working day.

Learn about Tumblar H&S

We firmly believe that any injury or disease is unacceptable and preventable. In everything we do, the health and safety of our people and communities is always our top priority.

At Tumblar we are proud of having an established and transparent safety culture. Achieving Zero Harm requires strong leadership and relentless commitment and accountability by all employees.

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We work to achieve this through:

  • Setting clear policies, protocols and guidelines to ensure compliance
  • Living our Values every day
  • Learning from our experiences
  • Two-way engagement with our team focusing on a message of personal commitment, active caring, critical risk management, control effectiveness, and data analysis.
  • Making sure that all Tumblar employees at all levels are actively involved and accountable for their actions
  • Continuing to improve and simplify our management systems to support the way we work
  • Our on-going focus on managing risks that have the potential to cause harm to our people or the community

Our commitment to Sustainability as an Employer

We are also aligned to United Nations Global Sustainability Development Goals, and as an employer have established specific initiatives that demonstrate our purposeful commitment to sustainability when it comes to our people.

  • Engagement with all relevant legislation that ensures we are meeting our obligations as an Equal Opportunities Employer
  • Emphasis on cultural diversity and meaningful inclusion, currently we have over 15 different cultures represented in our team
  • A focus and understanding on what gender diversity can bring to the table
  • A belief that age is no barrier to success, with opportunities and roles fulfilled by those entering the job market for the first time right through to those over the age of 65
  • Annual recruitment of those still in study, providing interesting and meaningful real-world experience to those interested in specific projects or practices
  • Regular and ongoing investment in staff training, including recent site-wide role out of Level 2 NZQA Qualification in Manufacturing, as well as bespoke career focussed support and future planning
  • Providing access to trained independent professional support services including fee and private access to counselling 24/7

  • Annual health monitoring for all staff
  • An annual staff Wellbeing program that includes small things like providing free fresh fruit to staff, through to wider team initiatives raising awareness of Wellbeing topics throughout the year
  • Regular shared meals and staff get-togethers allowing us to reflect on our successes as a team and our goals for the future

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