Manufacturing experts focusing on fully integrated service and support.

Supported by nearly 40 years of technical expertise, Tumblar combines innovation with a flexible approach to deliver custom made, cost effective solutions for a variety of industries and customers in NZ and globally.

We are hungry, nimble and open to new opportunities.

Our Process

Tumblar business is set up to enable innovation creativity and technical leadership in manufacturing.  We are partnership focussed thus aim to become part of your team and provide full End to End technical manufacturing and packaging solutions. Furthermore, we have full R&D technical development capabilities as well as industry leading digitised manufacturing and supply chain expertise. We are committed to deliver value and attractive pricing structure to our customers underpinned by our transparency books policy.


  • Product formulation solutions
  • Packaging solutions
  • Full supply chain and distribution process
  • Review & upgrade of existing formulations
  • Product stability trial framework


  • Assistance with international product registration
  • APVMA, etc
  • On-going customer support
  • Quality & Testing
  • Value based solutions


Our flexible and bespoke manufacturing and filling facilities allows us to pack many products into a variety of sizes and shapes of bottles, jars, sachets and bulk containers.

Client Confidentiality

 At Tumblar we pride themselves on being professional and ethical at all times, and recognise that confidentiality is part of our business

OUR Team Can Provide


  • Concept through to pilot trials
  • Pilot trials to production to launch
  • Re-engineer formulations to improve cost, performance and/or sustainability
  • Improve production processes.
  • 3D printed plastic bottles or demo packaging


  • Source all aspects of a product including raw materials, packaging materials and labels
  • Powder ribbon blending
  • Leading local and international suppliers
  • Accredited supply chain including FSC

Test & Quality

  • Full QA testing facility on site
  • Confirming the technical attributes of the finished product
  • Onsite biological waste water system
  • ISO 14001 and 9001 quality system, with tailor-made quality and compliance checks to suit both product and customer needs


  • 300kg to 3,000kg batches
  • Powders blending filling
  • Powder ribbon blending
  • Heated liquid mixing
  • Reverse osmosis, UV treated water system
  • Batches up to 2 MT
  • Block wrapping
  • Ribbon blending dry product


  • 35ml through to 10 litres
  • Automated and semi auto flexibility
  • Hot or cold fill
  • Tube filling
  • Dry powder filling
  • Bagging and bottle filling
  • Viscous liquid and paste fill.
  • Automated and Semi-Automated Flexibility for large and small batches


  • Bottle, blister pack, carton, wrapping and boxing
  • Thermo forming
    Automated and semi auto flexibility
  • Sustainable packaging materials
  • RF and ultrasonic welding
  • Inline forming moulding and packaging
  • Shelf ready packaging


  • 35g to 140g blocks
  • Bespoke block size
  • Shape choice


  • Full MRP supply chain
  • Full distribution process
  • Delivery to Australia 10 days
  • Overnight delivery to Auckland
  • Weekly delivery to Asia, Europe and North America

Chemical Handling

  • Handling and Production capability of a range of Dangerous Goods

Packaging Solutions

Thermo forming. RF and ultrasonic welding. Blister and carton packaging. Inline forming moulding and packaging. Shelf ready packaging.

We work closely with our sister company Pakworld who are sustainability minded packaging experts























































OUR Areas of Expertise

Household Products

Specialist in toilet cleaning blocks and liquids, powder. 


Specialty domestic and Industrial cleaning solutions.

Bespoke Solutions

We produce a variety of products for customers with niche markets, complex formulation, viscous mix and small batch sizes.


We have production capabilities for disinfectant  liquids, gels, sprays, lotions and hand wash products.

Pest Solutions

Leading global supplier of bait stations for crawling and winded insects, powder based products and local packer for overseas supplier specialisations.


Our international and local supply chain can deliver to you a cost effective supply of liquids in any size from 30ml to 20L.

Formulation and Design

We can create products to your specifications using our own base formulations and design experience saving you time to bring the products to market quickly and efficiently.

Agri & Garden Care

We have the facilities, processes and equipment to manufacture or decant various liquids, and powders materials including handling and disposal of dangerous and toxic goods.

Key Categories we Specialise In


We proudly manufacture a vast and diverse range of Liquids, Powders and Solid Chemical formulations and products across the following categories:

Hygiene and general
household cleaning


Powders and liquids

Fertilizers, pesticides,
insecticides and herbicides

Crawl, fly and general capability

Fertilizers, pesticides,  insecticides and herbicides


Underpinned by Transparency

MOQ/ JIT capability

 Minimum order quantity down to the pallet, we have niche and large volume capability. Currently deliver within one week of order placement.


Fee/pricing framework

We have an open book cost model for contract manufacture. We will be transparent with you to deliver best value and to ensure pricing appropriate for your product

Our Industry Certifications

Our Industry Affiliations

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