From incredible yet humble beginnings, Tumblar has built its impeccable credibility and world class reputation focusing on collaboration, utmost attention to quality and all aspects of manufacturing modernisation with its unshakable commitment to customer service in NZ and around the world.

We are a dynamic and growing company and put utmost value on continuous improvement and innovation across all our systems and practices. Underpinned by our unique collaboration approach we offer innovative solutions to our customers where we work together to build platforms on which our customers can excel and add value to their businesses.

Our Technical Innovation Promise

As Tumblar continues to re-invest, self assess and drive innovation, creativity is embedded at the heart of our technical ingenuity playing an integral part on our journey.

What Makes Tumblar Unique?


Using Creative Chemistry Tumblar leads the way in the manufacture and supply of homecare and agricultural applications and solutions underpinned by our sustainability & transparency culture.

1. Engage

 To supply innovative product ranges we offer a platform on which customers can excel and add value to their business.

2. Collaborate

We search for a product development solution together using creative chemistry and our industry expertise & leadership.

3. Solve

To deliver value and results, we bring our experts together and set project frameworks.
Scientists; Chemists; QA; Environment Operations; Supply Chain; Industry 4.0; Sales; Marketing

4. Activate

Making it real! Executing with excellence and transparency where every Tumblar team member is committed to deliver their part.

5. Support

We ensure we build strong and enduring partnerships by making a commitment to provide on-going support and adapt to changing consumer demands.

We are CommiTted to Sustainability

In line with our values and pursuit of excellence we continue to search and apply sustainability wherever possible to our processes and practices.


The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established in 2015 to achieve specific sustainability targets by 2030.

They seek to end poverty, protect our planet and ensure prosperity across global community. Businesses across the globe have a critical role to play to contribute to the sustainable future of our planet.

At Tumblar we incorporate these goals into our processes and practices by identifying how they relate to our business operations and what impact that has on our ways of working.

We are committed to sustainability, and will ensure that all facets of our business as well as partnerships we enter into, also support these.

Our Commitment to Quality & Sustainability


  • We have a full QA testing facility on-site with a fully equipped laboratory
  • Certified trade waste management system
  • Plastic waste from our processing is recycled directly with supplier
  • We engage Prime Environmental to neutralise all Agri Chemical waste
  • South Island NZ draws from 100% renewable Electricity
  • Installed real time Energy Efficiency and power use software – Simble Sense
  • Have engaged an Energy optimization consultant
  • Member of Sedex
  • Member of the Climate Leaders Coalition
  • Invested in Carbon footprint tracking tools, have a Carbon disclosure template
  • Air NZ provides Carbon offset which we utilize on all flights
  • Availability and access plant-based ingredients and ability to formulate
  • Access to and use of fully recycled plastics and card
  • Modern Slavery free supply chains all in place
  • Policies in place to adhere to strict current NZ regulations and legislation
  • On-going investment in research & development projects to further expand our sustainable waste management practices
  • Regular 3rd party auditing




We are strategically aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and will ensure that all facets of our business as well as partnerships we enter into, also support these goals.

Diversity of Partner Arrangements
We have 3 areas of customer journey:


Formula Provided

Often a customer will provide the formula, packaging description, labels and cartons to us in a Product Specification document. We then work with our local chemical suppliers to find if any are already importing or manufacturing those raw materials so that we can find the ANZ best price and an appropriate MOQ. If we cannot achieve our customers expectations then we can work with their global procurement network to find other suppliers. It is a similar approach with the packaging. An example of this would be when we take over manufacturing of a product already in the market.

Blended Approach

Sometimes a customer will only have a formula, but is flexible on packaging. In this scenario we would detail our current capability (for example we may currently only make a 12g tube) and provide options to the customer on capability investments for wider options. Different parts of the packaging may have different levels of flexibility – perhaps the SRP has to be exact, but the bottle inside can be anything as the specs haven’t been set. We can provide options and examples to the customer and help them decide the best way forward. We can provide realistic renderings on these options including 3D print of the bottle, etc. An example of this would be when a customer wants to flesh out various options before approving a final product design but does not have the in-house knowledge to flesh out these options without our input.

Blue Sky

This is generally when the customer is at the very start of the process and wants to gain manufacturing and pricing advantages by creating a product which is already a capability of ours. We showcase our current capability and provide as many strong options as appropriate to the customer. An example of this is when product design will not affect how the product is purchased and consumed and therefore the customer simply wants something that fits in our current processes to decrease the risk of non-conformances and to ensure a lower cost price.

Our World-wide customer network
We have built our world class reputation based on our unshakable
Commitment to customer services in NZ and around the world.

39 years in business
120 million+
blue blocks produced
Millions of
Cleaned bathrooms globally
creative chemistry generated
And still counting

Everyday ingenuity

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